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We Found an Apartment That Fits Our Outlook

My very first apartment was a tiny studio. It certainly was not fancy, and it had only the most basic of needs. It did not even come with a dishwasher or a sink disposal. I worked hard for the next few years or so to do well at my workplace so that I could get something nicer. The problem was that my fiance and our two pets lived with us, so our living quarters were quite cramped. The apartments in Atlanta have been changing for the better over the past 10 years or so. While, in the past, most rental companies were interested in only offering you a dishwasher as something special, today’s landlords have realized that they can bring in a lot more business by offering even more amenities, and that makes residents happier and interested in sticking around longer.

I have had my eye on a particular complex that my fiance and I think looks great. It is built on top of a shopping and restaurant complex. We are both into being as “green” as possible, which means that we walk, ride our bikes or take public transportation wherever we need to go. Read the rest of this entry »

May 24

Options – Getting Started & Next Steps

Benefits of Using Compensation Management Software Maintaining the happiness, motivation, and retention of employees is highly dependent on the compensation that they receive. Compensation management does not only include salary and bonuses. It also includes benefits, reimbursements, stock options and other things which are intangible like the balance of work and life. There are reasons why companies want to practice compensation planning and management. The common reasons why they want this are here below. They want to motivate their employees so that they will be consistent in performing at a high level. There is a need to retain their top performers so that the company can continue to create value. Attracting top talents in the market is important so that top positions that need qualified individuals will be filled up.
Companies: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make
All these reasons given by business leaders can be achieved by having a good compensation management plan. Easy tracking of data and allowing room for future improvement are also needed in the compensation plan.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Solutions
Using spreadsheets and papers is no longer an acceptable way of implementing compensation management. These constitute hazards because of their proneness to human error. To have an effective compensation plan, companies need to use a tool or platform that make the job easier and produces better results. Compensation management software has many benefits including the following. There is an intelligent allocation of appropriate compensation to company employees. Historic data can be tracked. It has a high level of transparency so that employees are able to understand the method used for their compensation. Maintaining of competitive pay rate against the market is possible. To get the best possible ROI companies need to use the right tool for the right job. If compensation management is to be effective, it needs to start with using a quality compensation management software. The best software is that which is highly adaptable to the company’s needs in the landscape of the corporate environment. To help companies determine which software vendor is the best, they have to look for the things that are given below. It is important that vendors give a free demo of how to use the compensation software that they are recommending. If you see it in action then you will have an idea of whether or not its functionality matches with your company’s needs and processes. The best choice financially is to get a cloud based technology. Comparing the traditional software to the cloud based one, the cloud based one will produce more ROI in the long run. The software should be well designed and easy to use but more importantly it should be configurable with your company’s existing workflow. There should be an elimination of the risk of error. And since compensation data is sensitive the vendor should ensure the utmost security for the company’s sensitive compensation data.

May 22

Discovering The Truth About Companies

Why a Compensation Planning Software is Necessary Automation has changed the way companies perform their daily activities. Organization now use online transactions in every aspect of their manufacturing process starting from the factories down to the after sale services offered to customers. Employee payment has been automated by the use of the compensation planning software. Any business that has not adopted these technologies is bound to inefficiencies of the traditional preparation methods. This is a software that allows the human resource officers to plan employee requirements, awards, and feedback. This software give the user some advantages. It is easy to use. There is nothing new to learn and one can get into using the software soon immediately after obtaining it. Availability of ready to use templates make it easier to use. Being an automated system, it allows remote interactions from different locations and time The software applies to various types of projects. This is despite the nature and type of business whether small scale or large scale activities. Compensation software simplifies complicated planning while at the same time streamlining and automating it. The decision support tools incorporate in the software helps increase the managers intuition and enhance budget allocation. The application gives one accuracy and ensures that the pay rate corresponds to the business goals. Rewarding the employees according to their contribution motivates them and ensures that they put more effort and dedication to team objectives.
On Companies: My Rationale Explained
These include timely reviews, planning development, budget estimates and compensation decisions.
Study: My Understanding of Options
One does not have to worry whether the system software is in his/her hardware. Computers, phones and tablets are all compatible with the software. Custom workflows, stock awards and survey integration are now possible. Security of the organization systems is enhanced as opposed to traditional methods of planning. The safety of agency records and documents is assured by utilization of hard to crack storage systems. It makes planning simple, fast and more strategic. The software providers ensure that they give the company a software that matches their online requirements at cost effective rates. The software has saved organizations that have embraced it a lot of resources in the short term to long term. Investing in a software that keeps the organization abreast of technology changes is a wise thing to do. The efficiency that comes with the employment of the compensation software is incomparable. Still, typical operational mistakes which came with the former applications are highly minimized. From this it can be concluded that companies have to embrace the latest technology which upholds efficiency in each and every part of its system. Employment of such technologies is an assurance of great success.

May 22

Where To Start with Software and More

Benefits of Compensation Management Software Key employees play a crucial role in the success of your business. There are three factors that determine the success of a business and these are people, product, and process, and it should be noted that one-third of business success equation is employees. Products cannot be produced without the process, and process will not work without people, so having the right people in your business is important. What then are the elements needed for you to retain your key employees so that your business will run smoothly on its way to success? Studies show that employee compensation is the largest determining factor in employee retention. As much as you would want to think that your employees are working because they love their career, the truth is, they love the security that compensation provides. Employees may like what they are doing, but that enjoyment cannot maintain their needs. Physical needs must be met, and if an employee has a family, his family’s needs must be provided as well. Thus, compensation plays a major role in employee retention. Many businesses create changes to their compensation scheme yearly. Doing this can be challenging and time-consuming. Small-sized companies can do it manually or on a spreadsheet. For large-scale organizations, managing employee compensation could mean a huge headache and spreadsheets riddled with errors.
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Programs? This May Help
To assist managers in compensation changes, compensation management software can be used. This system allows a manager to be able to see all the different monetary and pay programs that are linked to the employees they manage. He can then apportion the right funds to the direct reports, and the system saves this so that it can be reviewed by the HR.
Smart Tips For Uncovering Programs
The following are some of the advantages of using a compensation management software. Compensation data software can be used to create better plans and incentive scheme. By using the compensation planning software, the planning time can be cut in half according to a study done by an organization. Many companies have reported that this software’s efficiency gave their company not just monetary but time savings as well. With the help of compensation software, companies can create a compensation and rewards scheme that so that key employees and high performing workers can be awarded accordingly and retained. When you update a master spreadsheet with data from different sources, there is always a bigger chance of mistakes. It is easier to change or update information with a compensation management software. Compensation management solution provides the most efficient answer to employee retention and any other compensation and benefits concerns of a company. There are plenty of management software available online so you can choose the one that would be most suitable to your company’s needs.

May 20

The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing

The Importance of Machine Monitoring Systems In the world of business most especially in manufacturing, the fact cannot be denied that it can be difficult to be competitive all the time. This is what you will be dealing with when it comes to manufacturing: competitors waiting overseas, orders are flat, management is cutting man power and customers are demanding lower prices. Manufacturers that are working harder are what you will be able to see in today’s time but not only that but they are also now smarter. The production processes are being streamlined for the reason that it makes use of machine monitoring system used for shop floor automation. The definition of a machine monitoring system used for shop floor automation.
Smart Ideas: Machines Revisited
When you are wondering what the definition of the machine monitoring system used for shop floor automation is then you should know that there is no complication to this. The definition involves the collection of data with the use of varied technologies like the standard PCs, touch screed terminals, RF readers and board scanners.
Smart Ideas: Machines Revisited
What you should know about this as a matter of fact is that this is only the beginning. You have to keep in mind that a good machine monitoring system for shop floor automation means that you will be able to receive real time feedback with your current situation. The ERP systems is actually a kind of system that is being used by most of the systems. The reason as to why this is popularly used is due to the fact that it delivers valuable business intelligence that can be used in forecasting and accounting. Through the use of machine monitoring system for shop floor automation, how are the manufacturers able to save on their money? The efficiency of the products that the manufacturers are building is one of the many things that manufacturers wish to be able to know. The manufacturers wish to know if the employees are doing their work, if the machines are running and if the employees are filling orders. And most of the time, what the manufacturers do is that they are able to collect the date through spreadsheets and paper forms. At the end of the day, what will happen now is that you will end up with data that you do not need and hours wasted. And not only that, but you will also end up with manual work that is prone to “fudging” and errors. The use of machine monitoring system used for shop floor automation is able to make collection of business intelligence foolproof and fast. The time for manual reporting is now being saved and it is all because of the use of the machine monitoring system used for shop floor automation. What is meant by this is that there is now no need for the employees to make use of a piece of paper to take down their notes. The barcode order traveler can now be easily scanned by the employees with just a few touches on the screen.

May 20

Spice Technologies Now Offers Free PDF Standard Editor along with CADMate 2016


DUBAI — Spice Technologies LLC announced the availability of a generous, 30-day free trial of the company’s powerful CADMate 2016 computer-aided design software. Designed to deliver all the functionality of the leading CAD packages at a much lower price, CADMate will feel immediately familiar to experienced AutoCAD users. Even while selling for a fraction of the price of competing packages, CADMate 2016 delivers best-in-class performance, effortlessly opening, editing, and saving multiple projects on even modestly powered systems. Details of the new 30-day free trial for CADMate 2016 are available now at the Spice Technologies website at www.cadmate.org, where visitors can learn about the company’s other innovative products, like CADMate Mechanical.

“There’s no denying that AutoCAD and other well-known computer-aided design systems have a lot to offer,” Spice Technologies Managing Partner Sara Philip said, “Many have long wondered, though, whether the high price tags that are the norm in the industry are really necessary. We founded Spice Technologies with the goal of delivering all of the power, functionality, and accessibility that CAD specialists need at much more attractive price points. We think the new features and functionality along with the 30-day free trial offer for CADMate 2016 is going to make a great way for many to discover just what we have accomplished.”

Some of the earliest digital computers were turned to the task of helping designers, architects, engineers, and others complete work and calculations that would have been imposing to handle by other means. By the latter part of the 1960s, the world’s first full-fledged computer-aided design, or CAD, systems were emerging, with steadily increasing adoption to follow for decades thereafter.

Today, CAD software and it’s add ons are considered basic tools of the trade in a huge range of industries, with many specialists spending years mastering them. Often impressively complex, these software tools have traditionally carried price tags of thousands of dollars or more, sometimes even putting them out of reach of many who could make productive use of them.

Spice Technologies was founded to provide a family of truly appealing and capable alternatives. Established by a team of young but experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in the design and software industries, the company focuses on delivering top-quality software at prices a fraction of what competitors often charge.

As one of the company’s flagship products, CADMate 2016 embodies this drive in an especially striking way. Faster, stabler, and easier to use than most CAD solutions, CADMate 2016 is equipped with a user friendly interface that ensures designers will be able to make the transition as comfortably as possible.

Even while providing all of the functionality and more compared to other CAD softwares, CADMate 2016 costs far less, making it an excellent alternative on that account, as well. More information about CADMate 2016, CADMate Mechanical, and the other Spice Technologies products can be found at www.cadmate.org. Visitors there can also sign up for the free, 30-day trial of CADMate 2016.

About Spice Technologies LLC:

Delivering high-performance, user-friendly products at unprecedented prices, Spice Technologies is the maker of the industry-leading CADMate 2016, CADMate Mechanical, and other CAD software.

Source: http://www.wnd.com/markets/news/read/32129878

May 19

How I Became An Expert on Services

Discover The Benefits Provided By Mobile Apps The need for developing a mobile app for business is usually misunderstood by several companies which are still confused in taking initiative. They have to understand that app or development might differ depending on the kind of business but the main purpose stays the same for all and that’s to connect to target market in an effective way and at the same time, to increase selling opportunities. Below, I have discussed the prime uses of mobile applications which can help a company to understand further its significance for business endorsement. Number 1. Higher exposure – stats showed that handheld devices are used 6x more than laptops and desktops and 50 percent of online shopping is done via apps. And among the reasons for this is the application’s ability to become visible to customers most of the time and be able to provide an easy access even without a connectivity to the internet. And this is the reason why the mobile channel becomes so beneficial in terms of grabbing the attention of users who are on the go.
The Ultimate Guide to Applications
Number 2. Effective promotion – mobile apps have been proven to be the best tools when it comes to providing business information to clients straight at their fingertips. They have the ability of promoting business activities such as prices, events, latest offers and deals and so on. A mobile application strategy lets users to opt for coupon using push notifications and could visit the business’ store through it. As a matter of fact, this is quite an effective way of boosting possible conversions.
The Ultimate Guide to Applications
Number 3. Brand recognition – it is undeniable that applications are extremely useful with regards to building brand recognition among competitors as well as its target market. But, it needs to realize that the business application has to contain such features that are focusing on solutions for target customers and design and function of the app must be controlled well. It is important to build user’s interest through the application’s uniqueness and as soon as they’re involved with it, they will probably consider buying the services and/or products for sure. Number 4. Improved communication – having an effective communication with the audience is just a common, which is handled well by business applications. An app has the ability to make effective communications between buyers and sellers with its built-in messaging feature. And with improved communication, the users could easily make orders with few clicks or taps and the app doesn’t require the user to make calls for confirming their order. In this modern age, the doubt is nowhere that mobile apps have meaningful opportunities for the companies regardless of its function and size.

May 19

3 iPhone camera features, which everyone should know about

Our smart phones are multifunctional devices that can do a lot of different things. Most often, of course, users use them to surf the web, communicate on social networks, and take pictures. Many people even buy cheap iPhones and  turn them into their main camera but not all the pictures are equally good. What useful functions your iPhone camera has and how to use them correctly – these are the things we are going to talk about today.


  1. Improving a composition using the grid

A well-built frame is what makes a good photo. Often, people do not pay attention to this important point and do not position an object properly when shooting. Because of this, the whole picture as a whole does not looks so good.

Such flaws can easily be avoided if we use the grid function, which is placed on the viewfinder and helps in determining the proportions of the frame and the correct layout. To turn it on, you will need to go settings – Photos & Camera and switch the Grid toggle.

Immediately upon turning on the grid, your photos will not become perfect and you will have to practice before that happens, however, it will be much easier to achieve some good results if you have the grid on.

  1. Add as much light as you need

Sometimes you have to take pictures in low light conditions. In this case, it is difficult to achieve good results, because the amount of light that enters the frame depends directly on the quality of the picture. But do not despair. If you need to take a photo at sunset or in the dark room, you can use the lock exposure and auto-focus function:

  • Point the camera at a dark area of the frame, tap the screen and hold your finger until you see the sign AE/ AF lock;
  • Now, the frame will become visibly brighten, and you will be able to take a more or less decent photo without flash;
  • Also, do not forget that such a lock can be used to experiment with depth of focus, because along with the exposure, auto focus locks too.
  1. Take wider pictures with the panorama mode

It is an incredibly handy feature, which many people forget about when shooting landscapes. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the camera app and swipe to the left, switching to the Panorama mode;
  • Press the shutter button and then just move the camera slowly following the line of the horizon and wait for an automatic detection.

The panorama mode on the iPhone is incredibly simple, but there are two things you should keep in mind: you can change the shooting direction with a tap, as well as use the panorama mode in vertical orientation. This will help you to photograph objects of any width and height, so they will fit in the frame.

So these are the iPhone camera features and we hope your own pictures will look better since now on. If you still don’t have an iPhone, you can check iPhone prices online and get yourself a super cool device capable of taking some great pics.

May 18

Practical and Helpful Tips: Developers

How to Be a Successful Android App Developer on Google Play If you’re an app developer or user, you know that Google Play Store is one of the best stores there is. With its countless benefits for the developer, this marketplace is now getting saturated with apps of every imaginable kind and classification. Below are tips to reach and sustain success in the Google Play Store: 1.Thorough App Testing
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Services? This May Help
Ensure that you test your app extensively prior to submitting it to the Play store. As an open platform, Android has both advantages and disadvantages. The other issue here is the excessive fragmentation of devices, making it rather difficult to ensure stable user experience. 2.Screen Size and OS Version
The Ultimate Guide to Websites
Testing on the different Android devices practically implies that you should consider the various Android OS versions and screen sizes too. Preferably, you have to test your app using lower and higher resolution devices so that you can guarantee that your app will work well enough with either of the two. 3.Google Checkout Account Should you decide to sell a paid Android app or earn cash via in-app advertising, the first thing you have to do is open a Google Checkout Merchant Account. Google lists only a certain number of countries for this, so you need to check if you are allowed to sell your apps. 4.App Packaging Before submitting your app, package it in an attractive way, considering that people are typically drawn to things which are appealing to their eyes. Remember, first impressions make a huge difference. 5.Marketing Of course, you’d like to launch your Android app in style. Make a press release and have it covered by some relevant individuals. Contact app review web sites and request them to give your product a review. Talk about your app on blogs and forums. Use social media to market your app. 6.User Support Be sure to offer timely assistance and support to your users. Create up a system that lets you respond immediately with them, fixing their issues and clearing doubts the soonest. Have an FAQ section, a support email account and a chat help line. Ideally, you’d like to offer several payment options for users. 7.App Performance Tracking Monitor the performance of your app so you know how it’s doing in the market. Give weight to feedback from users, and see how you can enhance your app’s presentation, along with the marketing strategies you’re using. in-app analytics and the app marketplace analytics. The former monitors people’s impression of your app, while the latter gives provides information on your app’s downloads, ratings, revenues and other important data.

May 18

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Companies? This May Help

What You Need To Know About Manufacturing Scheduling Software The manufacturing scheduling software is basically a special software that’s being used by a lot of manufacturers when it comes to scheduling and planning of different tasks for the firm. Also, you should know that this software is specially useful when it comes to showing the orientation for different plans and requirements that’re involved with the manufacturing progress. In addition to that, the manufacturing scheduling software is something that can provide accurate delivery dates for the manufacturing tasks. This software is also known for being highly involved with the firm’s production and planning tasks. Also, you have to know that when it comes to the production environment, the manufacturing scheduling software is basically designed for manufacturers to have better control in such field. It’s also for this reason that manufacturers can be effective when it comes to the planning and forecasting for the manufacturing that they need to work on. When it comes to manufacturing projects, this software will be responsible for making it easier for manufacturers to do their tasks. Also, the manufacturers will have an easier time when it comes to sorting out the tasks for the operations staff of the firm. When it comes to the situation that the equipment suddenly stopped functioning, or would need repair, there might be major setbacks when it comes to following the right schedule for the manufacturing process. However, with the use of the manufacturing scheduling software, such incident’s effect can be minimized. You’ll know that with the help of this software, you’ll surely be able to have the right plan for such situations in the first place.
Where To Start with Options and More
Also, you should know that conventional planning and scheduling for manufacturing can take a lot of time and effort. However, the manufacturing scheduling software already have automated information that would help you speed up the creation of plan that you’ll have to come up with. You should also know that the manufacturing scheduling software also excels when it comes to efficiently managing manufacturing resources and its utilization.
The 4 Most Unanswered Questions about Solutions
The software also helps when it comes to tracking the current manufacturing schedule and projects. This means that you can compare data from time to time have some phases improved. There are other things that you might want to know about the manufacturing scheduling software so be sure to search the internet for more details. Also, doing this let you know what other users think about this kind of software.

May 18

The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Resources

Finding a Good MongoDB GUI

In the development experience, getting a good UI is quite important. A mongo shell really works fantastically for the administrative actions but when it comes to working with so many data, the UI gets important. There are various options if you choose the MongoDB GUI and there are those which are quite good. If you wish to know more about what are recommended, here are some choices that you can take into account. Some of the main scenarios include the data visualization, presentation and editing. Usually, the mileage would differ on the scenario and perferences.

One option that you can go for is the MongoVue which is a desktop GUI which is for the windows platform. This comes with a simple yet clean UI and you can enjoy free basic features. The data may be presented in a tree view, table view or text view. You can also save the find queries for later and this is really convenient. If there are more advanced features you want to use, then you should buy a license. A good thing about this is that the software looks stable and also well-maintained.

Another fantastic option that you can have is the MongoHub that is a great Mac GUI for the MongoDB. This offers you an option to connect to the server via the SSH tunnel that is really convenient from the security perspective. You can also find a StatMonitor feature which provides you with a live display of the stats. However, the query interface is just a bit more limited since this only seems to support the tree view. There is no way that you will be able to save the find query for later. The software may not be properly maintained but it works fairly well.

There is also that HTML-based MongoDB GUI which is known as the RockMongo. Its GUI is written in PHP and is an open source. However, you must understand that you will need a PHP server so that you can run this kind of GUI since it is HTML-based. You can run the PHP server on your local box. The UI is easy to use and can support the different options of working with collection, stats and other things. Its find interface shows data in the text model or tabular model.

There is also the RoboMongo and this is a shell-centric GUI which supports different platforms like MacOS, Windows and Linux. You can find a support for connecting via the SSH tunnel. A great feature with this is that it has support for the shell and this means that you can continue to use the shell commands which you find comfortable.

Source: MongoDB GUI

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