Feb 03

We Found an Apartment That Fits Our Outlook

My very first apartment was a tiny studio. It certainly was not fancy, and it had only the most basic of needs. It did not even come with a dishwasher or a sink disposal. I worked hard for the next few years or so to do well at my workplace so that I could get something nicer. The problem was that my fiance and our two pets lived with us, so our living quarters were quite cramped. The apartments in Atlanta have been changing for the better over the past 10 years or so. While, in the past, most rental companies were interested in only offering you a dishwasher as something special, today’s landlords have realized that they can bring in a lot more business by offering even more amenities, and that makes residents happier and interested in sticking around longer.

I have had my eye on a particular complex that my fiance and I think looks great. It is built on top of a shopping and restaurant complex. We are both into being as “green” as possible, which means that we walk, ride our bikes or take public transportation wherever we need to go. Read the rest of this entry »

May 19

3 iPhone camera features, which everyone should know about

Our smart phones are multifunctional devices that can do a lot of different things. Most often, of course, users use them to surf the web, communicate on social networks, and take pictures. Many people even buy cheap iPhones and  turn them into their main camera but not all the pictures are equally good. What useful functions your iPhone camera has and how to use them correctly – these are the things we are going to talk about today.


  1. Improving a composition using the grid

A well-built frame is what makes a good photo. Often, people do not pay attention to this important point and do not position an object properly when shooting. Because of this, the whole picture as a whole does not looks so good.

Such flaws can easily be avoided if we use the grid function, which is placed on the viewfinder and helps in determining the proportions of the frame and the correct layout. To turn it on, you will need to go settings – Photos & Camera and switch the Grid toggle.

Immediately upon turning on the grid, your photos will not become perfect and you will have to practice before that happens, however, it will be much easier to achieve some good results if you have the grid on.

  1. Add as much light as you need

Sometimes you have to take pictures in low light conditions. In this case, it is difficult to achieve good results, because the amount of light that enters the frame depends directly on the quality of the picture. But do not despair. If you need to take a photo at sunset or in the dark room, you can use the lock exposure and auto-focus function:

  • Point the camera at a dark area of the frame, tap the screen and hold your finger until you see the sign AE/ AF lock;
  • Now, the frame will become visibly brighten, and you will be able to take a more or less decent photo without flash;
  • Also, do not forget that such a lock can be used to experiment with depth of focus, because along with the exposure, auto focus locks too.
  1. Take wider pictures with the panorama mode

It is an incredibly handy feature, which many people forget about when shooting landscapes. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the camera app and swipe to the left, switching to the Panorama mode;
  • Press the shutter button and then just move the camera slowly following the line of the horizon and wait for an automatic detection.

The panorama mode on the iPhone is incredibly simple, but there are two things you should keep in mind: you can change the shooting direction with a tap, as well as use the panorama mode in vertical orientation. This will help you to photograph objects of any width and height, so they will fit in the frame.

So these are the iPhone camera features and we hope your own pictures will look better since now on. If you still don’t have an iPhone, you can check iPhone prices online and get yourself a super cool device capable of taking some great pics.

Apr 14

Generate pleasant music with your PC

The software programs that are introduced to produce the beats according to the knowledge and interest of the person are known as the beat making software. One would be able to create foot tapping beats with the beat making programs software that are available in low cost. Expensive equipment is not necessary to create good quality output and they would be able to do the same using the beat making programs. All they want is access to a computer and they will be able to create beats wherever they want using these programs. They can also make the beats even while they are travelling as they can access everything in the internet. They can also be able to upload the bears that they had created inline and can get the feedback that will help to learn. There are hundreds of top beat making programs for PC that are available on the internet and the users make the choice after the adequate research. Most of the beat making programs does not fulfill the choice that they make and the user would be left disappointed with the outcome. There are many free online programs are available in the market. It is better to avoid learning anything form it because it would only be disappointed with the output.

    The software for PC

    There are various programs that one can buy within the budget. They can browse the internet to check the availability in different price range. One can also look in the various sites that provide programs online and choose the one that suits their specific requirements. The programs that are available should also provide with good customer support so that they can able to answer all the questions while using the software. One can start create their own beats with those that are available online and groove to the beats with their friends and family. There will also be some free demos available in most beat making programs that are reputed. This will help to learn about the various features that are available and they will also be able to check the efficiency easily. The top beat making program for PC is the Dub turbo. This innovative new software has set a new standard among the new studio solutions for the building musicians. Hence now anyone can create a sick beats using their computer and the software. Overall this software is great for those who passion towards music.

Apr 02

Taking Control of Your Nutrition Now Rather Than Later

If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, heart disease or needed to have your gallbladder out, then you are likely not eating right or exercising much. It is pretty much a foregone conclusion that bad dietary and exercise choices lead to illness. Did you know that you can increase your risk of getting certain cancers by not eating right? They put the warnings on cigarettes and other tobacco products, but food does not come with warnings. Instead of waiting for that to happen, maybe click here to begin to learn how to get healthier.

You need to know what foods are good and what ones are bad for you. Is it okay to eat a piece of chocolate? For most people the answer is yes. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 01

5 Design Tips to Create a Professional Website


If you’re running a business, you absolutely need a website. With more and more people taking to the internet these days when they’re in search of a product or service, it only makes sense to have a website out there for these visitors to land on. Your website essentially creates an online presence for you, and provides you with an opportunity to reach exponentially more people that you would with traditional marketing.

But the type of website you have and its design matter. Keep these tips in mind when designing a professional website through http://www.register.com/ that attracts visitors and converts them to paying customers.

  1. Keep it Clean

You might have the urge to throw up a lot of fancy graphics, banner ads, pop-ups, and buttons, but if you overload your webpages with these things, it can become cluttered. Your visitors would appreciate a more streamlined and clean website that doesn’t bombard them with all sorts of distractions. Be sure to make good use of white space and a flat design to make your website attractive, while appealing to the user experience at the same time.

  1. Use Visual Hierarchy

What this essentially means is that our eyes tend to give the most attention to web space in a specific pattern. For this reason, you want to be able to sign your webpages in such a way that their eyes are drawn to the important parts, such as a sign-up button or opt-in icon. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that our eyes tend to move from top to bottom, left to right. Therefore, those important buttons that you want your visitors to click on should ideally be at the top left corner for maximum attention.

  1. Make Sure Content is Easily Read

The text you include in your website is obviously important – it’s where you’re able to explain what your business is about, what you have to offer, and why people should do business with you. But in order to make sure that visitors actually read your text, you need to formulate it in such a way that it’s easy and pleasurable to read. People aren’t apt to reading a huge block of text with little white space. Instead, be sure to make good use of line breaks and paragraphs. In addition, make the text just large enough so they don’t have to squint to read it. And don’t be afraid to make use of bold font and underlining to highlight important components within your text.

If you want an easy way to develop a website, you’d be well-advised to go with a website builder that lets even the most technically unskilled person create a professional-looking and engaging website!



Mar 25

Linux Training Online For Benefit Now And Then

More and more now are using linux for various reasons and in the future its widening usage looks really promising. It is then very promising too to anyone that is interested to know and master more about linux. With ability of administrating computer or PC with linux operating system, there come a lot of opportunities. Starting from an operating system administrator to the next trainer, there will always be a chance for your linux skill to show and makes you money. Operating computer or PC with linux operation system, it seems like a really sophisticated thing. Yes it is. More and more using linux, yet there are still a few who mastering it, and it means a really great opportunity for everyone with the skill.


Okay, so this is about getting the skill and a vision of class to class attendance comes to your mind, with that fix schedules and some pretty serious cost. If getting the skill by attending class to class is not really into your style, then getting it online is truly the way to go. To get the skill, series of training is important. But, thankfully that today’ training is not only about attending class. With linux training online, you can learn and get it from wherever you are. It is like you get double benefit with just a single action. First, of course you will get the skill. And second, you also get that other things you do while you are learning.


And of course, this linux online training is open for anyone. Getting it online means that you can always adjust the way it goes your own way, in your most preferable way. Get to the place you like and feel comfortable the most and get the skill. Get the benefit now and then.


Dec 18

How to READ a Job Posting

After reading a recent article on DZone about writing developer job postings I started thinking about how job seekers often read and sometimes (mis)interpret job ads. At least once every few days I encounter some rant about how unrealistic job postings are, whether on a so-called Entry-Level Job that actually requires three years of experience or a spec that appears to seek an entirely unrealistic collection of skills. Must have ten years of experience with Node.js is coming to a job ad near you!

As someone who writes job descriptions for companies, I’m not here to defend those in the industry who use a highly exclusionary style that can be off-putting for many job seekers. Until some spec writers learn to do a better job of representing what makes for both an exceptional candidate and an acceptable candidate, I think it is important that readers understand how to interpret what is written to make the best judgment on whether to take the time to apply and to further set their own expectations properly regarding the likelihood of a positive response (interview).


Some key considerations when reading a job post.

Postings (Like Resumes) Are Written With SEO in Mind

You know how some people pepper their resumes or LinkedIn profile with popular buzzwords in hopes that some recruiter will be searching for that term? Well, people writing job specs do the same thing, and writers will include what we might call complimentaryskills listings without those skills actually being considered as a requirement. A Clojure shop might include “Haskell” and a company using Redis might list “MongoDB” somewhere in the posting, as we can’t expect every functional programmer or NoSQL enthusiast to only be searching for their particular stack. Maybe the “ideal” candidate is an expert in Clojure and Redis, but the company doesn’t want to miss out on the Haskell developer either.

Postings Represent “Ideal” Candidates

In most cases a job posting is an elaborate wish list with several requirements and nice-to-haves, but hiring managers or recruiters generally don’t expect candidates to be able to check off every box from the list. Technology hiring varies greatly between companies, and in my career I’ve consulted to companies that demanded at least n years with a specific framework as well as firms open to hiring engineers with programming experience on any stack.

Non-negotiable Requirements Should be Fairly Obvious

In most cases, writers of job specs will be explicit about requirements that are truly required. There will always be companies that believe four years of Java experience is inadequate but five years is just right (without even considering how we try and justify what a year of experience even means), but most shops will show flexibility on items where years of experience is listed. It’s probably a waste of time to apply for positions with more binary requirements, such as those involving citizenship, education, or a required certification.

Look for the Gotcha

Over the past few years job post writers have attempted to verify that an applicant actually read the full post by including some obscure directive in the post. Please include your salary requirement and favorite color in your cover letter.

Format, Focus, and Culture

Readers of job descriptions should be able to draw some conclusions about the hiring company based on the format of the job spec and what content the writer chose to include and emphasize. Companies advertising for a Software Engineer IV vacancy that dedicate multiple paragraphs to describe employment policies and procedures may be more likely to have a regimented environment when compared to job specs that instead choose to include the core values of the development team.

Job postings are an opportunity for a company to both describe an ideal candidate and explain why readers might want the job. The way an employer chooses to use the space may speak volumes about how the company sees itself and how they want others to see them.

Nov 18

A Guide To Bacs Software

Bacs is an acronym for Banks Automated Clearing System and was originally a scheme set up by UK Banks to process financial transactions. The majority of Direct Debits and Direct Credits made in the United Kingdom are made using the Bacs system. Bacs payments take three working days to clear. On the first day they are entered into the system, on the second day, they are processed, and finally they are cleared on the third day, which is when they reach their destination account.

A Direct Debit is an instruction from a customer to their bank or building society authorising an organisation to collect financial amounts from their account. They are used to make secure, regular payments for things such as household bills. Over 5 billion Direct Debit payments are processed by Bacs a year and most adults in the UK have at least one Direct Debit set up on their bank account. Bacs Direct Credit is primarily used for paying wages and salaries. In 2007, over 90% of workers in the United Kingdom were paid using this method.

Electronic payments using Bacs software have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the convenience associated with them and the growing demand for telephone and internet banking. Payments and collections via Bacs reduce business costs greatly when compared with more traditional methods such as cash or cheques, this is mainly down to the reduction in administration time and costs involved in making and processing payments.

As well as getting a bank to set up a direct debit or credit for you, it is also possible to make payments through the Bacs system using special software designed for the purpose. In order to use the Bacs system, a company must hold an account with one of the major banks who will sponsor their application. The only way it is possible for businesses to make payments in this way is to use software from the list of Bacs Approved Solution Suppliers (BASS). Each bank will have their own recommended software supplier, although it is possible for a company to use an independent supplier if they wish.

A Bacs Approved Solution Supplier is a software developer and supplier who can provide software, support and consultancy services to Bacs customers to enable them to use the Bacs service. Each supplier has their products and services assessed by Bacs using a series of rigorous standards and criteria. It is important that companies only use a supplier that is fully approved by Bacs. Bacs approved software suppliers can be recognised by the Bacs approved software suppliers logo on their published materials. Only Approved suppliers are allowed to display this logo, and a full list of them can be found on the Bacs website. If a company is not listed on this website, then they have not been approved.

If a company wishes to make payments on behalf of other companies or people, it must become a become a Bacs Approved Bureau and purchase special Bureau software. The criteria needed to become a Bacs bureau are even more rigorous than for a normal application and include a security inspection that costs over 4,000 pounds. Some companies set themselves up as a bureau to charge other companies a commission for making payments on their behalf, this is a common practice in the recruitment industry where temporary agencies might outsource their payroll.

As well as standard Bacs software, there are Bacs Software packages available that integrate directly with accounting packages, the most common of these being Sage accounting software. This can be accomplished in two ways: the first most common way is to export a file from the accounting software which can then be read into the Bacs software. There is also a type of Bacs software, known as Direct Entry Bacs which not only extracts data directly from the Sage software, but makes postings back into the Sage legers after the payment has been submitted, saving a large amount of admin time.

Oct 18

Cool Scrapbooking Ideas and Free Scrapbooking Software to Use

Crafts, especially unique and interesting ones, never go out of style. These also never run out of loyal followers. One very good proof of this is the continuous popularity of both cross stitching and knitting. Up to this day, these types of crafts still count thousands, if not millions, of devoted practitioners all over the world.

These days, another emerging type of craft is gaining ground – scrapbooking. Craft aficionados, especially those who love visually appealing products, have started to promote this. What makes scrapbooking interesting for a lot of aficionados is the fact that you can insert your personal style without any limitations.

Scrapbooking is a hobby wherein a person preserves photographs, cards, tickets and other symbols of memories in a very creative and unique way. A practitioner, usually called a “scrapbooker,” protects and presents these symbols of memories through various themes, which may range from holidays to events to describing how it was like then. For instance, a mother may preserve memories of her newborn by preparing a single scrapbook spread with at least two photographs embellished with cut-outs, stickers and perhaps tags found on the baby’s crib at the hospital. As you can see, the idea is to make the photographs more meaningful and more unique compared to just placing them in regular photo albums.

If you want to start developing your scrapbooking abilities, here are a few tips and ideas you may want to consider for your projects:

1. Use your favorite quotes and perhaps samplings of your diary as embellishments. Give your spread a personal touch by inserting your favorite motto printed in a nice, fancy font.

2. To give emphasis to the name of a person whose photos you want to preserve, you can make one or two letters bigger than all the rest. Alternatively, you can print one or two letters using a different font or a different color.

3. Go for the 3D effect! Arrange pictures in such a way that the end result will be a cool 3 dimensional effect.

4. Scan or insert actual tickets, menus, stubs or tags. If you’re doing a photo diary of your recent travel to the U.S., for instance, saving and inserting the actual train tickets and airplane flight booking papers can add pizzazz to your project.

5. Use personalized templates. If you want to preserve photos of your family’s first ever trip to the beach, you may want to use a background full of seashells, beach balls, slippers and sand.

You can also go to supplies stores or hobby shops to purchase ready-to-assemble scrapbooking kits. These kits usually contain ribbons, craft thickers, vellum quote stacks, rickracks and perhaps buttons and kitchen paper. You can use them based on the instructions based on the kit or add more embellishments. Just don’t overdo it though!

On the other hand, you could first try your hand on scrapbooking via free scrapbooking software programs. Two free scrapbooking softwares which you can use are Picaboo and Scrapbook Flair.

Features of these two are basically the same – you can add personalized backgrounds to your spread, you can frame your digital pictures with stylish corners, you can come up with a photo collage and you can instantly create a 3D effect.

Given these, one can truly see why people are getting hooked with scrapbooking. It’s a hobby where a person can exercise creativity, thought and imagination on meaningful projects.

Sep 18

Recounting the 5 Faults of Kindle

Its name could have a much stronger impact, considering that “kindle” means “enlightenment,” or the birth of great ideas-and it is, if you’ll learn to look past beyond its many flaws:

1. Being connected has its pitfalls. The wireless connection of Kindle spells both boon and bane for the product. It’s good because you can basically carry your favorite books, blogs, and other whatever reading material literally no matter where you go. The downside is its browser isn’t really its main priority. Rather, it gives so much emphasis on being a book reader. Thus, don’t be surprised if you’re going to meet numerous error messages. The only consolation perhaps is the fact that you the images really don’t appear so awful.

2. It stopped looking good. It’s surprising how critics never failed to mention Kindle’s designs if they’re asked of its disadvantages. It seems like the designers behind the product have lost their touch in creativity. It appears bland and too plain. It doesn’t make any better when pictures started showing everywhere, depicting it as close to being ugly. In reality, though, Kindle may not be equal to Apple in the looks department, but it’s still look like a cool gadget, at least at first glance.

3. It’s flip, not scroll. People are so used to scrolling, no matter how tiring this routine can be. Think of PCs and cell phones. However, you may have to accustom yourself to flipping when you’re using Amazon’s Kindle. Perhaps it’s because it tries to truly imitate a person reading a book. You flip on the pages-you don’t scroll.

4. Convergence doesn’t exist. Why was the iPhone such a huge hit? More than its design, it attempts to merge two of the most important devices today: phone and iPod. Convergence is the buzzword, considering that individuals love anything that will make life much more convenient. Kindle doesn’t seem to possess that, though. It becomes a more advanced ebook reader, with wireless connectivity on the side.

5. It can’t read important file formats. There are certain formats that are only applicable to Kindle. These include .txt and MP3 files. File formats such as Word, HTML, and JPEG are unreadable. If you need to read an important Word file, you still have to send the document to Amazon, who will later convert and send it to you. Even though this is free of charge, definitely, you’ll find the entire process taxing and totally time-consuming. To make matters worse, Amazon and Kindle doesn’t support RTF documents when, in fact, it’s a subset of Word document, which is apparently supported by Kindle.

Despite the many “faults” of Amazon Kindle, it doesn’t take away the fact that it’s a revolutionary gadget. It’s so easy on the eye and comfortable to carry around. And besides, if you’re truly a bookworm, wouldn’t be building your own library and placing it in your bag more than enough?

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